yohakuとTAN-PAN[ 8/9 wed. – 8/20 sun. ](2023.07.26)

yohakuとTAN-PAN[ 8/9 wed. - 8/20 sun. ](2023.07.26)

次回の展示は、カットソーを中心とした心地よい洋服を作るyohaku[ @_yohaku_ ]と、キャッチボォル[ @catch.and.throw ]のTAN-PANの展示販売会を開催します。

Next event is a sale of the yohaku, which makes comfortable clothing, and TAN-PAN of the Catchball.

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[ 8/9 wed. – 8/20 sun. ]
closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


The yohaku is based in Torigoe, Tokyo, and produce original and universal clothes with domestic factories that have excellent skills. From thread to sewing and dyeing, yohaku’s specialty is T-shirt and sweatshirts, which are produced in cooperation with various Japanese craftsmen and factories. They don’t follow the latest fashion too much, but rather continue to make daily use items, with balance of not over-producing. The reclaiming series, in which fabrics and yarns that have been left in factories are picked up and used in products, not only keeps costs down, but also brings attention to the problem of waste generated by the apparel industry.


The catchball, means “play catch” in Japanese, is a project of a freelance planner Taku Yamachi and TAN-PAN, short pants in Japanese, is one of its products. The shorts are manufactured by dyeing artist SOMEYASUZUKI( Okayama), who made Yamachi’s idea into this item. These shorts, made of thin organic cotton dyed with grass and trees, are slightly shorter length and slim in form. The colors are natural and will change, but the feature is that they can be re-dyed.

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